about salzundhonig

salzundhonig (saltandhoney) founded in 2006, the name came intuitively, two tastes and elements, as base of my work. In form and function. In Designing and being. Honey – from the flowers, collected from the bees,converted into gold, together with salt, the mineral element of the earth.

This combination is not only perceivable in visuals – you can also eat it: the bread of the future – the saltandhoney bread! A special art of baking, without yeast and sourdough. From grains of any type, water, honey, salt and vegetable oil a drive is evolving from the fermentation of honey and salt and out of the oven comes a bread with a unique taste.

The receipt here on www.mellifera.de oder www.ploetzblog.de (dt)
A whole website with information: www.backferment.de (dt)

(I’m searching a bakery in Berlin, who bakes it or like to enrich its sortiment with it – every tip welcome!)