Honey edition 2016/17

Beekeeping & Art Work

Pressed and comb honey

The gold from the bees, the wild collectors in the middle of Berlin, natural beekeeping, the harvest from a whole year, spring and summer, cold pressed and directly filled in glasses – so it contains all valuable ingredients, and touches of pollen and propolis.

Honey & Design Market Days in Berlin

* * * * *
Du bist das goldene Extrakt
die Sonne am Morgen, für den Winter
von tausenden Sammlerinnen
summend fliegend tanzend
die Seelen der Blumen vereint
tropfst von den Lippen unter Zunge
ich küsse und schmecke in dir die Welt.
* * * * *

honey production – cutting and pressing the natural comps

label on glass, stamping process

The harvest packed for humans: Pressed honey, in combs and chewing gum for indians