sculpture & beekeeping

Sculpture and bee hive, the Eco-Luxury-Loft for a bee colony.


The wooden sculpture is living space for a bee colony, which will be kept in natural ways, a commune with pseudoscorpions and other micro-organisms on the board.

Melissa is the name of the nymphe, though her navel the bees will fly in and out. The greek myths tell, that she nurtured Zeus as a baby in a cave with honey, what saved his live. Here she gives bees a living space, where they build their natural combs. A glass window let us observe this process through the year, and care for them with less disturbing as possible.

 Next sculpture 2019 to be announced  Request and location suggestion welcome

Sculpture und bee keeping project: Silke Meyer, salzundhonig
With support from Mellifera e.V., Neue Spitzmühle e.V., Sparkassen Stiftung Märkisch Oderland and all bee supporters of the project.

9.9.2018 16-19 Uhr, “Das Summen in Melissas Bauch” Guiding tour (dt) und visit of the bee colony in sculpture Melissa @ Neue Spitzmühle am Bötzsee, Spitzmühlenweg 2, 15344 Strausberg · free entrance


Bee swarm, house warming, first day

Melissa, documentation of the development process, arrival of the swarm of bees and interior work in the first summer. Photos: Jana & Philipp Terhorst, Silke Meyer