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 Theatre Fragile mask theater in public space
 Futurzwei Stiftung Zukunftsfähigkeit
 Mellifera Berlin, Biene Mensch Natur (Bee Human Nature)
 Futureperfect, Stories for tomorrow, lived everywhere
Get into Play, Sandy Schwermer
 Clownlabor, Berlin, clown school
 Familie Flöz mask theater
 Les Papillons, music theatre
 Fotografie, Judith Klapper
 lilienfeld, visuelles Gestalten, Dorothee Hübner
 PhotographieArtbuying Dominique Steiner

projects / clients
 Triad Berlin/Bundesministerium für Forschung
 “BHC Kollektiv” Berlin, Exhibition Nachtcollage
 Die Zeit, Hamburg/Berlin
 Vanity Fair, Berlin
Welt am Sonntag, Berlin
 Amphitheater , Clärchens Ballhaus, Hexenkessel Hoftheater
 Töchter und Söhne, UdK Berlin

 Master of Art & Design
“Visual communication” studies at University of the Arts Berlin & Willem de Kooning Akademie Rotterdam
 Artist Residence, RIA/CE in Orissa, India 2014


Info & Contact

Under SALZUNDHONIG (saltandhoney) I work as an independent art director in cultural contexts and bee communities.

This involves the development of visual concepts and info graphics, multimedia design, editorial and layout, and related thematic workshops.

Illustration and collage are my specialities and the fusion of aesthetics and vivacity.

Essentially, I see my work as the design and translation of content into visual communication.

Ideally both parties engage in the working process in a creative ping pong scenario.

In addition, I am an ecological beekeeper pursuing diverse and unconventional strategies to promote environmental campaigns in the form of illustrations, performances, happenings and demonstrations. Further education for children and joungsters in the programm SUMM -BieneKunstKultur. My work also involves the Mellifera Berlin committee, initiatives for #BeeHumanNature.
Here my beekeeper portrait (dt)

Graphics & Art Direction
Silke Meyer
Immanuelkirchstraße 30, 10405 Berlin
phone +49 30 12097007
mobil +49 174 7841899

Interested in news about upcoming events and actions? Just send me an email with your name and the subject “Newsletter”.

BrainHeart Cookie

Initially I designed the brainheart as tattoologo for Futurzwei – now the developement into a cookie cutter got ready for the union with the stomach… Let the symbiosis produce its effects!

Wallpaper Workshop - Theatre Fragile

12.-15.10.2015 Detmold, Programm Kulturrucksack NRW, Theatre Fragile, led by Marianne Cornil & Silke Meyer. a workshop for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 14.
Together with us, young Detmolders and asyleum seekers will share their stories and answer these questions: Where do you feel at home? Are our dreams for the future similar?
more info:

GAPS Fig.1

work in progress – video art work

Futurzwei Zukunftsalmanach 2015/16

Collaged Infographics in this real visionary book