The buzzing of bees

Project leadership & Honey Tasting

Bee Guiding Tours in the Peace of Land – community garden and learning place for permaculture (Pankow), Prinzessinnengarten collective (Neukölln) or at Leisepark, in the disused cemetery St. Marien/St. Nikolai(Prenzlauer Berg) in Berlin.

The buzzing gets louder the closer you get to the beehives… Beginning with the history of bees, their development up to our present situation, which is characterized by insect mortality, we will explore our relationship to them and discuss the scope for action. We will dive into the world of bees with our senses.
We will observe them at the flight hole and on the meadows and take a look into the beehive where the bees have brought in the nectar of the summer flowers in spring and summer – and we will taste the surplus honey warm from the hive!

As a preview, here’s a video from the Peace of Land, as Silke visits the freshly moved-in swarm of bees in the box to see if the queen is there and laying eggs… Instagram Video

And here the entry of a bee swarm into a log hive: Vimeo Video

Lectures and Guided bee tours in Berlin on request: Silke Meyer

Peace of Land | Am Weingarten 14, 10407 Berlin,
Leisepark | Heinrich-Roller-Straße 24, 10405 Berlin
Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin | Hermannstraße 99-105, 12051 Berlin,

Photos: Saskia Uppenkamp