Bee Revolution! @ Futurzwei

illustation & infographic

Illustration und infographic for TRAFO Magazine @ Futurzwei, Mellifera Berlin and others

Slowly, the landscape becomes depleted – first the bees disappear: how can the wild bees and insects survive without political advocacy? Insect killing is a topic in our conversations. It becomes palpable and has causes and grave consequences. Some of these are shown on this graphic.

 Concept, research and further texts on website Mellifera Berlin:  10 points plan – rescue bees – all other insects and the entire world (dt)

This flyer is available free of charge for mass distribution and for small rounds: To order in the Mellifera Shop
 From infographic to posters and flyer for demo “Wir haben es satt” (We are sick of it) every January in Berlin, and performance bees are sick of it
Bees Statement from minute 2:09 @ Reuters Video (2018) (dt) “Agricultural policy demo: tens of thousands are sick of it
Bee Revolution! on StadtLandFood, Markthalle Neun, Berlin

Bee Revolution! at StadtandFood, Markthalle Neun, Berlin