Bees and wild bees workshops

Workshop leadership

Handcrafting bee houses or making something with the wax of the bees

Who likes the buzzing of bees? If the answer is yes, there are a few ways to do something to make it happen more often again. Or you simply like the materials of the honey bee like the wax and replace the paraffin candle with a beeswax candle or a plastic sheet with a beeswax cloth.
Often a workshop follows a guided bee tour, but it can also take place without a bee visit, especially if there are no bees around or it is winter. A group of 15-20 kids and adults works well with an assistant. And further offers to combine the bee theme with theatre, dance, wild herbs, a bee quiz or meditations can be found below under SUMM!

Here are a few workshops to choose from:

Making beeswax cloth
Building wild bee houses – with bamboo sticks and tin cans, holes in wooden blocks and nesting and display boxes.
Beeswax becomes candle – pouring, pulling and rolling


Extensions of workshops and related projects by salzundhonig:

The buzz of bees and wild bees – guided bee tours

SUMM – Bees Art Culture – Workshops for Kids

Honey Edition

“Our bees” poster

Beeswax cloth

Wild bee houses – bamboo tubes in tin cans

Wild bee houses

Assembling wild bee nesting and display boxes

Incubated wild bee nesting and display box

Pulling beeswax candles

Beeswax candle casting

Rolling beeswax candles