Bees are fed up with it

Demo, Performance

Performance at demonstration “Wir haben es satt!” (We are fed up with it!) Berlin

Annually in Berlin, political theatre and dance for improvement of the living conditions of bees and humans. 2015 as solitary bee, since 2016 in a swarm on the occasion of the demonstration “Wir haben es satt!” – where tens of thousand of people gather round the streets for rural and ecological agriculture, ethical treatment of animals and fair trade.

In Cooperation with – association for ecological and natural beekeeping – and Aurelia Stiftung  – Es lebe die Biene. Mellifera Berlin Regionalgruppe:

Demo info:
Brief presentation and discussion @ Soup & Talk, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin

Pamphlet: Bee Revolution + 10 Punkte Plan – Bienen retten, alle anderen Inselten und die Welt gleich mit


Thanks to Narciss & Goldfaden and Kostümkollektiv for the costume support and “Die Grünen” for recycling their election posters.
Photos: Marc Marquardt · Led and designed by Silke Meyer