Beeswax becomes candle


In the dark season need lights. We meet to cast, draw and roll candles from beeswax, light a candle at the end and hum.

Workshop for children, families & solitary creatures

Bees sweat the wax and use it to build their honeycombs for brood, pollen and honey. We harvest it and put it in the form of a candle, burn it and there is light. Ingenious! We will try out how to cast and draw candles in various shapes from this fragrant natural material. It is also possible to roll candles from wax plates, which can also be decorated.

The extraction of the wax is done by a sun wax melter, which we can visit in the garden. No more dirty work at the stove with cutting out the frames and the big pots!

We will listen to stories about the precious beeswax and the life of bees. At the end we will burn a candle, listen to bee poems and hum.

There will be tea and coffee with fresh honey, comb honey and Indian gum, as well as other informational opportunities and books about bees and wild bees. SALZUNDHONIG honey will be available for purchase, as well as other delicacies. Price info

The workshops have taken place at Peace of Land Berlin and other locations in recent years. They can be arranged and take place with children and adults.

An Angel Candle