Illustration, infographics, graphic design

Illustration and design of several media

Tattoo, T-shirt-Design, Folder and Flyer etc.

  Actual book in Production:  
FUTURZWEI  Zukunftsalmanach 2017/18
  Release November 2016  

Illustrated information graphics can be found in this real visionary book,  more info here:
FUTURZWEI Zukunftsalmanach 2015/16
Fischer Verlag


Content and stories of this book can be found on this International platform:

graphic design, logo & social media design
Project in collaboration with Goethe Institut: www.futureperfectproject.org

Postcard Greetings

Visual Identity of the Conference “Who stands for change?”

BrainHeart-Logo @ right place

BrainHeart Tattoo