bees, design and living art

Coming up dates around bee workshops, theatre shows, workshops & performances with salzundhonig:

27.+28.6.2020 – The buzzing of the bees – bee tours in the cemetery, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Together with Silke Schoppe who gives a herbal guided tour to flowers and blossoms, two humming afternoons at the bee square with bees in the log hive, wild bees in the forest and a honey bar. more info (german) · Registration under or spontaneously on site..

20.-31.7.2020 · SUMM BeeArtCulture – Workshops for children and young people. Ökolaube Potsdam. Bees and humans. What can we learn from the dancers, improvisation artists, honey makers, architects, guards and pilots? More info

Spring 2020 · Planting apple trees and berries in Leisepark, Community planting campaign organized by salzundhonig. We collect donations for the irrigation system! So that the 10 fruit trees and 14 currant bushes also thrive in summer. For the bees and people. All this in the Leisepark in Berlin, Heinrich-Roller-Straße 24, 10405 Berlin. more info