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Workshops for Kids · Bee topics linked with art, theater and nature games.

Bees and humans. What can we learn from dancers, improvisation artists, honey makers, architects, guards and pilots? We will go on an expedition into the world of bees, visit their animal relatives and their surroundings. We will play a lot, do experiments, explore nature and produce art. Just as the bees do.

Workshops with children & young people (in german)

Naturplatz, DraußenZuhause e.V., Bissendorf (NRW) GoogleMaps
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Ökolaube Potsdam, NABU Potsdam e.V. GoogleMaps
29.7.-9.8.2024 Summer vacation
22-25.10.2024 Fall vacation
10 am – 4 pm

Participation is free of charge and can take place on all or individual days. Participation on all four days is preferred.

Age group: 6-14 years, max. 18 participants.
Lunch and snacks are vegetarian and organic.

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Honey and Bee venom – Drawing, design and honey science · with Jolanda Todt
Wild Flowers and Hummers – Exploring Insects and Wild Herbs · with Silke Schoppe
Waggle Dance – Theater, dance & play · with Anne Schwing
Bee free – Improv theater, games and flying · with Mirjam Schollmeyer & Felicitas Seyffert
Wild Bees in privat – Visiting bees and building wild bee houses · with Nicole Sartirani & Christian Lichtenau
Wax without flax – making and playing with wax cloths · with Felicitas Seyffert
Honey and wax – casting candles and telling stories· with Felicitas Seyffert
Humming in a tepee – building a tent, guessing and playing games · with Silke Schoppe
Seeds in the fire – harvesting seeds and baking bread · with Silke Schoppe


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Questions & Info

Silke Meyer: post@salzundhonig.de030-12097007 (Mo-Fr 10-12 am)

Ökolaube Potsdam (summer 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & autumn), Ökogarten Quedlinburg (spring 2019) – Specialists of the fields that enriched SUMM: Denny Ehrlich & Agnes Friedrich (, Sandra Grosset, Dr. Sebastian Hausmann, Jonathan Neumann, Patrick Lindhof, Micha Reimer (, Tobias Schröder, Nicol Sartirani, Mirjam Scholmeyer, Silke Schoppe, Dana Schmidt, Sandy Schwermer, Felicitas Seyffert, Angelika Sust, Jolanda Todt und Tobias Stute  – Assistants: Ute Herrmann, Daniela Sparkmann, Janik Minister, Katja Vinzelberg & Sarah Schröder – Chefs: Mark Baier and Simone Rumler.

Photos: Oliver Vaccaro & Silke Meyer

SUMM-BieneKunstKultur is a cooperation between Tafel Potsdam, NABU Potsdam and the children’s club “Unser Haus”. The project was funded 2018-2022 in the program “Tafel macht Kultur”, and is supported since 2023 by Spielmobile “Spielen macht stark! – Erforschen, Gestalten und Aneignen” by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of “Kultur macht Stark. Alliances for Education”.

Three bee melodies make a SUMM quodlibet.

Summ summ summ, Biene summ herum.
Bienen schwitzen Wachs, Bienen kleben Propolis.
Gelée Royal für die Königin!

Buzz buzz buzz, bees buzz around.
Bees sweat wax, bees stick propolis.
Royal jelly for the queen!

SUMM – Carrying bees on their hands

SUMM – Trees on earth

SUMM – Blind smell, feel & taste

The SUMM Republic

SUMM – Bee free

SUMM – Bee Queen’s Birthday

SUMM – Bee Quiz

SUMM – Wild Bees

SUMM – Swarming movement

SUMM – Swarming movement

SUMM – Bees fly, StopMotion Training

SUMM – Bee visit

SUMM – Wild flowers and bumble bees

SUMM – Wild flowers and bumble bees

SUMM – Wild flowers and bumble bees

SUMM – Wild Bee Hotels

SUMM – Wild Bee Hotels

SUMM – Wild Bee Hotels

SUMM – Bee Art Killer

SUMM Stop-Motion Flying Bees

SUMM  Stop-Motion II Film

SUMM  Stop-Motion Film

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