about salzundhonig

salzundhonig (saltandhoney) was founded in 2006. The name came intuitively: two tastes and elements as the base of my work. In form and function. In designing and being. Honey from flowers, collected from the bees, converted into gold together with salt, the mineral element of the earth.

This combination is not only perceivable in visuals – you can also eat it: the bread of the future – the saltandhoney bread! A special art of baking, without yeast or sourdough. A bread with a unique taste comes out of the oven, made from grains of any type, water, honey, salt and vegetable oil, via the fermentation of honey and salt.

The recipe here on www.mellifera.de oder www.ploetzblog.de (dt)
A whole website with information: www.backferment.de (dt)

(I’m searching for a bakery in Berlin, that bakes it or would like to add this to its offerings – every tip is welcome!)

Demo Poster @ Bayer

Poster for the demonstration and information event era e.V. of Mellifera e.V. und SumOfUs on the shareholder meeting of Bayer group 2017 in Bonn.

Bees are fed up with it

Performance at demonstration “Wir haben es satt!” (We are fed up with it!) Berlin

Mellifera Berlin

Our website is buzzing online! www.mellifera-berlin.de Berlin community of Mellifera e.V. – initiatives for#BieneMenschNatur (Bee Human Nature)
Visual Design, editorial and column Schnappstich by salzundhonig


Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019

A conference and Zeidlerei workshop – Together with colleagues from Mellifera Berlin and The Ambeessadors, I organized, visually designed and equipped this event.

Bee Revolution! @ Futurzwei

Illustration und infographic for TRAFO Magazine @ Futurzwei, Mellifera Berlin and others

Beeswax becomes candle

In the dark season need lights. We meet to cast, draw and roll candles from beeswax, light a candle at the end and hum.

The buzzing of bees and wild bees

Bee Guiding Tours in Mauergarten (Prenzlauer Berg), Prinzessinnengarten collective (Neukölln) or at Leisepark, in the disused cemetery St. Marien/St. Nikolai (Prenzlauer Berg) in Berlin.

Honey edition

Pressed honey, comb honey and Wilderness chewing gum

Bees and wild bees workshops

Handcrafting bee houses or making something with the wax of the bees