video art work, photo, graphic design

Video art work and photo for a performative figure and object theatre

Inspired by texts from autistic authors and the personal meeting with the Keulen brothers Konstantin and Cornelius, we, a collective around Sandy Schwermer, created an experimental arrangement with puppet and object play, music and video projections. Premiere at Schaubude Berlin.


2013 Premiere Schaubude Berlin
2015 Erlangen, Figurentheaterfestival

Idee, Konzept & Spiel: Sandy Schwermer, Musik: Sophia Baltatzi und Hans-Jörn Brandenburg, Video: Silke Meyer, Ilja Drewniok, Tibor Müller, Dramaturgie: Christiane Wiegand, Bühnenbild: Ilja Drewniok, Silke Meyer, Tibor Müller, Sandy Schwermer, Bühnenbild Beratung: Anne Kuhn, Licht Design: Reinhard Hubert, Produktionsleitung: Tibor Müller, Regieassistenz: Alise Michon, Puppenbau: Nora Raetsch


Performance: Sandy Schwermer, Music: Hans-Jörn Brandenburg, Video: Silke Meyer