GARAGE D'OR - Familie Flöz

video art work, production design

Creation of the animation videos, drawings and collages which become the set for the mask play in Garage D’Or.

Productionsdesign, including poster, program folder and advertising materials.

The Arte-Doku „Hinter der Maske – das Theater der Familie Flöz” follows the making of Garage D’Or reveals the creative processes for the production, its masks, music, set design and allows a glance into the origins of the work of Familie Flöz.

Garage D’Or Trailer @Vimeo
Touring dates of GARAGE D’OR see

…more Design for Familie Flöz

Scenes from GARAGE D’OR, Video: Michael Vogel

Photo: Jan von Holleben, Design: Silke Meyer

The Developement of the video Illustrations, scene out of the arte-docu “Hinter der Maske – Das Theater der Familie Flöz”